Some recent videos of performances can be found here.

Spring Term

  Wednesday 20th January IB Music Recital  6:00 – 7:30

Tuesday 9th February Recital@GeorgeGreen’s   12:45 – 1:30

Wednesday 9th  March Keystage 3 Showcase 6:00 – 7:30

Tuesday 8th March  IB Art Exhibition yr13

Wednesday 23rd March Jazz and Blues night 6:00 – 7:30

Summer Term

Wednesday 20th April Expressive Arts Oscars 6:00- 7:30 Wednesday 4th May 2016 GCSE recital 6:00-7:30 Tuesday 10th May Recital@GeorgeGreen’s   12:45 – 1:30 Commedia Y7 Wednesday 25th May 4.30 to 6pm Tuesday June 14th Recital@GeorgeGreen’s   12:45 – 1:30 Saturday 2nd July Expressive Arts Fayre 12:00 – 5:30 GCSE Art Exhibition w/c 4th July.

Monday Lunch time: Bookable practice rooms – please see Mr Ward. Tuesday Lunch Time : KS3 Band Practice with Mr Nugent

GCSE group After School
  • An opportunity for our GCSE students to rehearse and improve their instrumental skills and work on ensemble and solo performance pieces for exams and recitals.


Studio Orchestra Lunch time
  • Come and join Studio Orchestra and develop your instrumental skills. You will have the opportunity to play with other students and be part of concerts and performances that take place at George Green’s School.
  • Drumming Club – for KS3
 After School – Musical Rehearsals.  See Ms Webster for further details!

Keyboard Club with Mr Ward 

  • Come and along improve your keyboard skills and learn to play alongside other students. All welcome.
  • Practice rooms available for booking
Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Club Thursday After School in room 441
  • Whether you have been working through grade two or have never played before, this is the club for you. If you regularly attend, you’ll cover the basics and be playing more advanced songs more quickly that you would believe. Bassists welcome!!!
Steel Pan Band
  • Every Friday lunchtime the music department is filled with sound of the Caribbean. Come along and learn to play whether you have experience or not.
  • Practice rooms available
Advanced Guitar Club- After school 3:30 in room 441 
Take your playing to the next level. You’ll be introduced to more advanced techniques, scales, chords and more. Come and see how the pieces fall into place by playing your instrument.

Ms Gordon’s lunch time club on a Monday will give you the opportunity to rehearse performances that you are creating for your lessons and upcoming school shows, giving you the opportunity to have more individual/one to one support and direction.  Studio.
Tuesday’s lunch club will be a film club where you will be given the opportunity to watch musicals and other theatrical/dramatic films that will help inspire your acting and performance skills. Studio.

Wednesday  Lunch time Drama Skills

  • Ms William’s lunch time clubs are an exciting opportunity for you to play drama games that challenge, engage and sometimes surprise you.  These will help to develop your acting and performing skills and give you the opportunity to try these out. Theatre.

Musical Rehearsals in the Theatre. After School.  See Ms Gordon for further details! Thursday Lunch time drama fun and games with Ms Williams.


Days to the Expressive Arts Summer Festival









Students in the Arts are required to have a principled and ethical vision for all the performances and products they create. We believe without having an ethical and principled view of your own work you cannot create great Art that is meaningful for others.


In our work with our students we encourage an adventurous approach to creating, composing and devising work. Its essential to successful artist creation to be adventurous with your work.


Throughout all our work in the Arts students are challenged to be creative! We give them the key skills and knowledge needed to start exploring and creating their own creative responses to the world around them!


A key skill in the Arts is the ability to step back and reflect upon what is going on. Analysing other students work or the work of great artists enables a more thoughtful and informed approach to being an artist.


Resilience is essential to success in the Arts. All artists have put in thousands upon thousands of hours of effort into their journey into becoming an artist and even the very best have had dozens of rejection and set backs on their path to success!


A key aspect of being a successful artist is an ability to work with others and collaborate. We develop key collaborative skills  in many of our projects.