Welcome back! Here’s some CPL news:

Monday 20th February Fifteen Minute Forum 1 on feedback.


Appraisal updates!

Its time for our mid cycle reviews – these need to be completed by the end of March!

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Monday 27th February workshop session on walking talking mocks.



Monday 27th February Stretching MAT workshop session

Manassah will lead a workshop on effective strategies to improve our teaching for MAT students. Who are they? What can we do to make sure this group of students is challenged?

Start 3:45 Finish 4:30


Wednesday 1st March TLC – change of plan.

All staff to work in their  TLC groups for 45 mins. Meet in the usual places. (This means faculty time is 30 minutes longer)

This will include a review of the TLCs, a review of the TEDoc and a discussion around marking.

The additional 30 minute faculty time will have an agenda set by me. More to follow next week.


Wednesday 1st March and Thursday 2nd March  Whole School learning Walk – focus Key Stage 4 and 5.



Thursday 2nd March Workshop on effective revision strategies. Room 444

During this session Jason will share some current thinking about effective revision strategies. I will  discuss current research highlighting the importance of self-testing, distributed practice and techniques which promote deep processing. We will look at the strengths of interleaved practice, elaborative interrogation and self-explanation, and the  6 techniques recommended by http://www.learningscientists.org/ . Finally I will explore a few websites designed to encourage effective revision such as memorise (for languages) and quizlet – a website for designing and using flash cards.

Start 3:45 Finish 4:30