We are due our mid term appraisals. This is to be completed by the end of March.
I have attached two documents to help support this process.
  • 1 document on how to load evidence to standards tracker
  • 1 document on how to enter your comments as an appraiser for the mid cycle review.
Each objective should be reviewed in turn.
Appraisers should take this opportunity to review the challenge in each of the objectives. If there is any doubt please speak to your line manager. Progression on the pay scale requires successfully completing all objectives. Ms Baker also needs to be satisfied that the objectives set are appropriate in challenge for your pay point. This is particularly important for upper pay scale staff and staff wishing to progress onto the upper pay scale. 
Appraisees this is your opportunity to share your progress and highlight evidence of your progression towards meeting your targets.
You can add evidence of your progression towards targets and your appraisal. (Use the attached document to guide you on how to do this but remember their is a 2 MB limit of the size of any document you upload)
The majority of teaching staff have a commitment to CPL target. Please ensure you upload/share with your appraiser what you have done this year to improve your teaching. This may include:
  • completed PLOs and PAPs from TLCs. (Stored on the j drive)
  • IRIS videos recorded and shared as part of the TLC process.
  • Work done in leading or sharing teaching in faculty time.
  • Training you are offering as part of the Stepping Stones program.
  • Other INSET and training you have attended.
  • Improved SOL

We would also like appraisers to take the opportunity to review marking and feedback with their appraisees. 

There is now a “Now That’s What I Call Marking II” document which will help exemplify standards and good practice.  Please take time to go through this document.

IRIS videos are particular powerful pieces of evidence of the impact of attempts to embed and change changing practice whilst leading on 15 minute forums,workshops, TLCs provides strong evidence of leading and developing teaching across the whole school.
We are aiming to develop a collaborative culture of improvement in teaching and learning. How are you contributing to this culture?
thanks everyone and hope you all have a great half term,
Jason Kubilius
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”