Walking Talking Mocks

Just before half term Jon gave a talk on the effective delivery of walking talking mocks. A few schools have noted that the delivery of WTM can impact significantly on student achievement.


Jon introduced the Rothery teaching and learning cycle.  (see below) We discussed the best time for a WTM and agreed that the end of a teaching cycle was the best time.

The WTM core purpose is to teach exam skills but can have other beneficial effects. Jon reminded everyone that the Field of Dreams is available for use by staff to deliver WTMs. Jon recommended checking for gaps in exam knowledge that needed to be filled and planning the script for the WTM.

Jon suggested thinking about the following key questions:

  • Do you want students to cover the whole paper?
  • Which questions do you want to zoom in on?
  • How much scaffolding do you want to do?
  • Are there any mantras you can use? Can the exam space support these?
  • How will you use student questioning around content?
  • How much co-construction will you use?


Finally delivering the WTM is best supported with effective use of the visualiser.  Jon modelled the use of the visualiser and his approach. Showing how important it was to make sure that there was plenty of preparation in knowing exactly what students were struggling with and why.

He noted that it was really important to do the thinking out loud and the highlighting of key words so students were able to see exactly what words to focus on and why. The finer points of picking up marks can be outlined and talked about.

Students then can complete an answer once the thought process has been modelled and exam technique explained.  It is also possible to use a mark scheme so students can immediately mark their work and gain immediate feedback on how they have performed.


It doesn’t have to be done with a full exam paper it can be a few questions – it is a time consuming process and does require careful planning. However, it can improve a student’s exam technique and is well worth attempting.

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