Mr Barton’s maths Blog is pretty sensational. The podcast with Greg Ashman is great.

My favourite bit came at the end when Mr Barton revealed a series of “takeaways” including an admission that the interview had challenged many ideas about education he had held over the last 12 years. I really liked how he explored the implications for his own teaching. In particular he reminds everyone of the importance of ensuring all students are thinking in your lessons and how there needs to be care when introducing powerpoints with texts and talking about them. He also explored what the talk implied about the introduction of rich tasks and whether he needed to rethink his views.

Greg outlines the strength of an approach called direct instruction  and why it preferable to certain discovery based approaches. He talks through Cognitive Load Theory and why he uses modelling and careful scaffolding. They talk about the importance of narrative and the story structure of a 3 – act maths lessons. As an overview of recent debates in education and the place of “traditional” teaching it is really useful. The emphasis on learning over a sequence of time rather than an individual lesson is also well made by Greg.

Have a listen – let me know what you think.