Bernie’s Session on ADHD

Bernie covered a huge amount of ground. He started with a quiz:

Download (DOCX, 10KB)

After 9 challenging questions Bernie took us through some basic pointers about ADHD.  We learned some basic facts about ADHD such as the link between ADHD and impaired dopamine production. We also thought about some basic impacts of ADHD.

Bernie finished off the session with some tips on how to approach teaching students with ADHD.

You can read about the tips here:

Download (PPTX, Unknown)

Download (DOC, Unknown)

Sha’s Session took us via Winnie the Pooh to a range of teaching strategies that he uses to improve student outcomes.

We looked at:

Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce.


Success Venn Diagrams

DIRTY work

Class Consultants

Challenge Cards

The Help Desk


After the session we spent some time thinking about how to use them in our own lessons. The session provoked some lively discussion around which techniques would work best. Slide 13 contains a link to a great Dylan Wiliam clip on using more basket ball techniques in lessons. If you want to find out more check the presentation below.

Download (PPTX, Unknown)