The effective use of formative assessment has a huge evidence base for improving student outcomes. Even on the most conservative readings of research, it has a significant impact.  Today’s Stepping Stone looked at some techniques we can use to improve our use of formative assessment. As we all know Wiliam has suggested that he wished he had called AFL responsive teaching. At the core of formative assessment is the belief that we want students to have more ownership of their learning.   Sophie’s presentation looked at numerous way we can encourage students to take ownership of their learning.

One of the techniques introduced by Sophie  compared student work with examples of professional work. Sophie explained that she asked students to decide which piece of work was the odd one out. Such tasks ensure our students have to really think hard about what makes quality work. Indeed our year 9 work stood up well to the great work of Margaret Atwood. (Just have a look at the  below!)

odd one out


Certainly I felt that one of the themes of the evening was just how important and useful student work and models were in encouraging students to engage with issues of quality.

Following a whirlwind tour of AFL (including some useful techniques and proformas for using with students – see below)   I introduced Ron Berger’s protocol for creating success criteria. As you know Ron Berger is the author of Ethic of Excellence and Leaders of their own Learning. During middle Leaders we looked as his fantastic protocol for Gallery Critique which really helps when you want everyone to raise their game. His passion for communicating quality and standards shines through every page. In his book, he has a number of useful protocols. See below for two.


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Here are the protocols:


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Here are some examples of techniques to use to improve AFL:

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